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Aquatic Nutrition Inc.

Aquatic Nutrition Mojo Catfish Punch Bait

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  • Scientifically Proven Scents - Highly attractive to all normal catfish species
  • Formulated to stay on a treble hook, even with long casts
  • Mess-free baiting
  • Draws catfish to the bait allowing better success and fewer hang-ups/snags
  • Effective in rivers, streams, lakes, and ponds
  • Fiber Filled
  • Disperses a continuous stream of scent
  • No refrigeration required, pleasant smell (if you are a catfish) 

Mojo Cat is designed to draw catfish from cover by continuously releasing a powerful mixture of scientifically proven scents and tastes that catfish really love. This clean, fiber-filled punch bait can be cast long distances and stays on the hook. This big 16 oz. the jar has 30% more bait than the others! Produced by Aquatic Nutrition Inc., a leading manufacturer of natural based baits, chums, fish foods, and scents. Science-based catfish bait with a little Mojo added for good measure! MADE IN THE USA

Directions for use. Push the bare treble hook into the jar with a pencil, stick, etc. Pull it out at an angle. Bait will cover hook while leaving points exposed. For fastest catching, cast to an area where there is water movement. Catfish find their food by smell and taste. Mojo Cat bait continuously releases scent particles into the water that drift with the water currents and can be detected by catfish up to 50 feet away. The catfish will follow the scent up to the bait and will find the taste irresistible. Mojo Cat will catch a mess of fish. Keep the fish you intend to eat. Release the monster sized cats to help ensure a strong breeding group.