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Aquatic Nutrition Inc.

Aquatic Nutrition Fishing Oats with Menhaden Oil and Shrimp - 9.1lbs.

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For chumming the reef, nothing is quicker, easier or more effective than Mojo Fishing Oats from Aquatic Nutrition™. Like Charter Captains who painstakingly mix their own chum, Mojo Fishing Oats uses oatmeal as a bonding base in this premium commercial reef fishing recipe.

The oats are mixed with real shrimp and coated in menhaden oil, creating a rich blend of feeding stimulants that can be ready for dispersal in just minutes.

Each bag of Mojo Fishing Oats contains 9.1 lbs. of base.

For best results, mix with 1 gallon of Aquatic Nutrition Chum Cloud® (sold separately) in a 5-gallon bucket to form a thick slurry, then use a spoon or ladle to seed your fishing area. You can also add a block of frozen chum (not included) to the mix to supercharge your mixture when conditions are extra-tough.

Great for drift fishing

Simply chum as you drift and fish the cloud in your wake.

  • Quick, easy and effective
  • Ready to use in minutes
  • Premium commercial recipe
  • The rich blend uses oatmeal as a bonding base
  • Contains real shrimp and menhaden oil
  • Best mixed with Chum Cloud (sold separately)
  • Add optional ingredients, such as frozen chum, as desired
  • Great for drift fishing on the reef