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Aquatic Nutrition Inc.

Aquatic Nutrition Fish Trap Bait - 3lb. Tube

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Good quality, fresh live bait can make the difference between fishing success and failure.  Catching live baits can be time-consuming and a hassle.  Fish Trap Bait by Aquatic Nutrition Inc. is a mixture of natural attractants including shrimp, squid, fish and other items baitfish find irresistible. Use this bait in a trap to entice the fish to enter. This long-lasting bait is in a semi-solid form and slowly dissolves, emitting scents and tastes for up to one week. MADE IN USA

To Use:

In large traps with a maximum desired soak time, poke several holes in outer packaging and place in trap complete. Scent and bits will slowly emit with the current.  Bait will last up to 7 days.

In smaller traps, slice a portion of the bait from the packaging and place in the traps bait holder/box. This will dissolve over a period of many hours to a few days depending on the current.

Properly dispose of packaging after use.



            *Cost effective



            *Uniform dissolve rate

            * Non-refrigerated

            *Use with enclosed traps, lift nets, hoop nets and more!


            Current is important as it carries scents and tastes down current, attracting baitfish to your trap.

            Scatter a very small amount of the bait around the traps as an added attractant and to give wary fish a taste before entering the trap.

            The longer the time your trap is in the water, the more fish it typically catches. 24 hours or more is generally preferred.

            Keep a package on the boat for last minute needs.