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Aquatic Nutrition Inc.

Aquatic Nutrition Crab Trap Bait - 3lb. Tube

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Nothing beats pulling a crab or lobster pot and seeing a bunch of delicious critters!  Catching crabs and lobster can be a lot of fun, but gathering crab baits and dealing with less than desirable parts of animals can take away some of the thrills.  Aquatic Nutrition’s Crab and Lobster Baits are a hassle-free way to bait your traps with a long-lasting, easy to use attractant. Made with ingredients that crustaceans love. This bait requires no refrigeration and can soak up to seven days.  MADE IN USA

  • Does not require refrigeration 
  • Starts working immediately, unlike many animal products that must first decompose to attract 
  • Lasts up to seven days 
  • May be split into multiple traps 
  • Mess free, stink free baiting 
  • Works great for crabs, lobster, shrimp, and crawfish too!

Directions for use:

Long Soak Times: Poke 6-10 pencil sized holes near one end of the tube. Place in the trap bait holder to prevent crabs for eating all bait prematurely.  Bait will slowly disperse lasting up to seven days. The longer it soaks, the more attractive it becomes drawing crabs and lobsters from long distances down current.

Multiple Traps/Medium Soak Time: Cut bait in half and leave plastic wrapper in place. Bait will disperse from end only.

Short Soak Times: Remove bait from the plastic wrapper. Place in trap bait holder box. Expect to last 24-48 hours depending on current. 

Crabbin’ and Lobsterin’ Facts:

  • Crab and lobster move and feed mainly at night. Soaking traps overnight will greatly increase your success.
  • Place traps where currents are likely to carry scent over areas where crab and lobster hide, such as rocky areas.   
  • The longer the soak, the higher the success. Tides push scents back and forth attracting from all directions.
  • One crab or lobster in the trap helps attract others. Leave one in the trap to help bring the others around.