The BallyHoop "Stealth" Polycarbonate Collapsible Hoop Net

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Struggling to catch live bait? The BallyHoop is the first collapsible hoop net! Cast nets have no chance when up against the BallyHoop.

1. No fatigue or damage to your boat.

2. Lightweight and easy to use.

3. No mess and the baits stay alive longer.

The BallyHoop collapsible hoop net is a two-piece hoop net.  It is made of polycarbonate and is the latest evolution of our BallyHoop collapsible hoop net product line. 

It is also referred to as The Invisible/Stealth Hoop Net. The BallyHoop comes with a carrying case for easy storage and protection as well.



Proudly Made In The USA!


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