What is a Ballyhoop Hoop Net and How To Use It


The Ballyhoop is a reinvented product of the good ole hoop net. Fishing products today are constantly being reinvented and improved upon. The Ballyhoop is no exception. We saw a problem and an area that needed improvement so we pushed the envelope.

Typical hoop nets to catch live bait are 4 feet in diameter with a rope attached to it. Now, this poses some issues, especially with transporting and storing the darn thing. There are currently 2 variations of the collapsible Ballyhoop, Aluminum, and Polycarbonate. Both effectively catch live bait but when collapse store in two completely different wats


The aluminum snaps into two ridged pieces keeping a half-moon shape and stored in its custom bag. Best places to store it are in fish boxes, inside a center console helm, or even attached to the leaning post or gunnels, just a few examples.


The Polycarbonate, on the other hand, is more flexible, it is stored in a straight 6ft bag when collapsed. Which allows it to be stored in many of the places including somewhere the aluminum would be. With its smaller footprint and flexibility, it can be stored in gunnel rod holders, standing in a corner and out of the way in the center console helm. The only limit is your creativity and the type of boat you have. This is why we have 2 different version for every type of vessel.

The bags that are included with every Ballyhoop not only allow it to be transported without the hassle of having to worry about the net getting caught up with other gear and tackle. It also keeps it safe from the harsh elements, its recommended as with anything that gets near salt water for the hoop net to be rinsed down with fresh water and allowed to be dried and placed in its proper bag.


Putting the collapsible hoop net together is simple and so it taking it apart. Just be sure when pulling apart to push down and then pull apart the separation point (mainly for the aluminum version, all you need is 2 fingers from each hand). The hoop net is engineered to not come apart when in use, so when put together the pressure the hoop exhorts on itself is enough to keep it in place. You relieve the pressure by slightly pushing downward and straightening out the separation point.

Catching Live Ballyhoo is what you would expect from the Ballyhoop. The great part is that it's not the only bait you can catch and well get to that in a second. The way you catch ballyhoo though is in 5 easy steps.

  1. Anchor up your boat at where you catch your bait usually.
  2. Chum the waters and have the ballyhoo get dense by the boat. (supplied rope is 20 feet long)
  3. Release the Ballyhoop by placing it in the water and allow it to drift back behind the ballyhoo. (Attach a floating device such as a water bottle to help it drift back if there is not much current)
  4. Once ready pull towards the boat the ballyhoo with partly come to the surface with the tension and water resistance, allowing it to catch all the Ballyhoo in your wildest dreams.
  5. Rinse and repeat until your live well(s) are full. (Unlike a cast net you won’t get fatigue using it over and over again)

Now, something that you would never be-able with a cast next is catch speedos, yes speedos. The Ballyhoop does this with ease, cast nets will ultimately fail when trying to catch speedos because of how fast these little guys are. The Ballyhoop catches them by surprise, literally. Simply place an egg sinker at the base of the next let it sink straight down once you see speedos swimming over the net, pull and you now are a certified speedo catcher.


These steps apply for any hoop net, in theory, the added benefit of the polycarbonate is that light can pass through it making it harder for fish to see. We’ve nixed it the “stealth/Invisible” version. The hoop net also does not put as much of a strain on the bait which helps maintain healthy bait for a day of fishing.

It's also a good way to catch your own ballyhoo for future use. You can freeze your freshly caught ballyhoo for use in your trolling rigs later in the season.

Hoop nets work, the Ballyhoop helps you with convenience and providing you a high-quality product to bring years of hoopneting! Thank you for reading and Tight lines!


James Mac Burnie

I have the original ballyhoop and was wondering if you sell replacement nets. I have had several tears which I have repaired but would rather replace the net now.
Thank you James


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