Cast Nets No More! Hoop Net!

The BallyHoop family of products sole purpose is to make the process of catching live bait easier, faster & livelier!

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Why break your back with a cast net anymore when the first ever collapsible hoop net is here, The BallyHoop! We know portability is key, especially on boats with tight space for fishing tackle. This lightweight hoop net provides an effective and improved alternative to cast-netting live bait.


Catch More Live Bait

The BallyHoop is the most versatile hoop net. It's convenience & ease of use makes it a no brainer why it needs to be on your boat the next time you hit the waters. 

Where To Buy

We have The Ballyhoop in stock in over 5 Bait & Tackle shops accross the world, you may also always order online or give us a call at(305) 676-9577

Show Time

We invest in going to local shows (mainly in South Florida) but maybe in a city near you. Follow us on Instagram @theballyhoop to stay up to date with which shows we will have a booth at!

Product Integrity

Being a company that is locally owned and operated in South Florida we stand by every net that ends up in your hand if something has happen to your BallyHoop product send us an email and well do our best to make it right!